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Stamping Metal Edge Cable Clips Pipe Clips

Product name : Stamping Metal Edge Cable Clips Pipe Clips
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Stamping Metal Edge Cable Clips Pipe Clips

Product Description

Customized Metal Stamping parts

Ningbo Precision Machinery Co., LTD can do all kinds of customized metal stamping parts, such as metal stamping, forming, specific angel bending, folding, punching ect.

Precision Stamping Clips / Metal Edge Cable Clips / Pipe Clips

1. Material:  Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc...etc.. Customer's drawings are accepted

2. Finshing: zinc-plated, powder coating, electro polished, Nickel, Chrome, hot-dip galvanized, anodized, Ruspert, Magni ect.

3. Stamping equipment: 100-2500T

4. Packing: normally wooden cases, or as your requests

5. Delivery time: about 35-40days for mass production

6. Applications: Automobile, Motorcycle, Mechanical Equipment, Communication equipment, Electronic equipment; Car; Agriculture Equipment; Truck; Marine; ECT.

7. Export Markets: ① Australia Stamping ; ② America, U.S.A. United States Stamping ;  ③Canada Stamping ;  ④ U.K. England, Britain Stamping ; ⑤ Germany Stamping ;  ⑥ France Stamping ;  ⑦ Italy Stamping⑧ Spain Espana Stamping ;  ⑨ Netherlands Stamping ⑩ South Africa Stamping ;  ⑪Danmark Stamping ; ⑫ Sweden Stamping ;  ⑬Finland Stamping ; ⑭ Russia Stamping ; ⑮Spain Stamping ; ⑯Saudi Arabia Stamping ; 

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