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    Brushed Stainless Steel Residential and Commercial Floor DrainsOur new sanitary products will be on-line for selling in 2018!Floor Drains, Bathroom Floor Drains, Garage Floor Drainage, Outdoor Square Floor Drains, Roof Round DrainsLet us be your source for commercial and residential specialty plumbing products. Whether you need to provide drainage for the floor or on the roof, we've got what you need, pls feel free to contact us with your drawings. ......
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    Bauma 2016 fair were holded in Shanghai, China and end on Nov 25th,2016. Over 3000 companies from demestic and overseas and over 170000 professional visitors attended this fair. Precision received more than 50 customers visit during the four days and well expressed our products and image as a leading manufacturer of precision machining parts. We showed automotive parts,hydraulic parts, agriculture parts ect.on this fair. 
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    But regardless of the method that is used, aluminum sand casting should result in a mold cavity being formed. These air set molds can be formed using a casting flask that has both a bottom and a top part.Next, the sand mixture is pressed together around the pattern of the mold cavity. The final part of the assembly will often require the sand to be vibrated in order to eliminate any holes or empty spaces in the mold. The casting liquid is ultimately what is poured into the mold cavity, and once the metal has cooled off and become solid, the casting can be finally divided from the sa......
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    Aluminum sand casting is a metal casting process where sand is used to mold material together.Currently, a majority of metal castings are produced by the sand casting process. This is largely because aluminum sand casting is a very cheap and effective means of molding material together.Sometimes for increased durability, the sand will be mixed with clay. This mixture will moisten when added with water, and then strengthen when it dries afterward. This makes it much more suitable for molding.However, clay does not always need to be used for this method. Sometimes one method that is u......
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    The process is generally used for small castings, but has produced complete aircraft door frames, steel castings of up to 300 kg and aluminum castings of up to 30 kg. It is generally more expensive per unit than die casting or sand casting but with lower equipment cost. It can produce complicated shapes that would be difficult or impossible with die casting, yet like that process, it requires little surface finishing and only minor machining.       Advantage- Can form complex shapes and fine details- Very good surface finish- High production rate- Low labor ......
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    Our equipments and project control processes are setup for flexible machining productions. Our typical productionruns from 10s to 1000s. The facility has passed ISO 9001 certification and we have open-book policy which allows customers to inspection our incoming material records and quality paper trail. Sample equipments include ordinary lathe, CNC lathe, CNC milling, grinding machine, tapping.             Equipments:                      ......
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    All types of Parts Surface Treatment and Process     Passivation (remove iron at surface to prevent corrosion, use nitric acid, ASTM A380)      Pickling (acid treatment to remove metal scale produced in welding or hot working)      Degreasing, Sand Blasting, Wire Brushing,Barrel Finishing and Vibratory Finishing   Mechanical Grinding and Polishing    Electropolishing             (brightens the steel surface by selective   dissolution of the high points)   Machi......
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    Casting process is pouring the required smelt material liquid into the mold, then cooling the solidification, cleaning to get the required casting parts. Advantage and disadvantage of casting processMost casting parts are lowcost, especially the complex shapes casting parts with complex cavity, and with wide adaptability and good mechanical properties.But the casting material, such as metal, wood, fuel, modeling materials, etc, and the casting equipment, such as metal furnace, mixer, molding machine, core making machine, shakeout machine, shot blasting machine, etc, will genera......
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    Hardness Comparison Table-Drop Forging-Investment Casting-Steel Casting Hardness Test Process and Table We could use the Normalizing, Tempering, Annealing to reach the hardness our customer required. I attached the hardness comparison Table for customers to check the hardness.  Our main products are investment casting, lost wax casting, forging, large forging, mold forging, machining, steel casting, aluminum casting, etc. All our parts could be OK to reach the hardness required! ......
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    Drop Forging Manufacturer ProcessOur Forging machine press the metal blank to obtain the forging shape with required mechanical properties. Our forging presser is 560KG Air hammer, 750KG Air Hammer, 1T Air Hammer, 5T Air hammer, 2500T forging presser, etc Advantage of forging partsCompared with the same material casting process, forging process could eliminate the metal casting porosity, mechanical welding holes. So the forging parts are with much better mechanical properties than casting parts. The important parts with heavyload or applied in the rigorous condition, are produc......