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Folding Cable Snap Clip

Product name : Folding Cable Snap Clip
Product Tags : Stamping Parts   
Product Attributes :

Spring Steel Stamping Cable Snap Clip

Product Description

China Stamping parts's details:

Product Name & Usage:Spring Steel Stamping Cable Snap Clip
Place of Origin: Ningbo, China
Lead Time:Approx.30days
Port of Loading: Ningbo, Shanghai, Zhoushan

1)Materials: Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc...etc. Customer's drawings are accepted
2) Main equipment: Double column vertical Lathe, CNC, Lathe machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine, and so on;
3)Surface treatment: Zinc plated, Ni-plated, passivate, Ti-plated, Anodize, Chrome plated, Electro plating, Black, Plain, Dacro, Sliver plated, Polish or according to your requirement
4)Applications: Automobile, Motorcycle, Mechanical Equipment, Communication equipment, Electronic equipment; Car; Agriculture Equipment; Truck; Marine; ECT.
5)Advantages: Can produce very tiny and large parts; Can form complex shapes; Many material options; Without high tooling or mold cost; No MOQ, 1pc is available
6)Software for specification drawings: PDF, Auto CAD, Solid work, JPG, ProE
7) Material & mechanical properties & heat treatment: according to your requirements.
All the materials are according to GB, JIS, ISO, ANSI, ASTM, BS, DIN, which can meet the ISO9001-2008 quality control and inspection
8) Certificates:  ISO9001, TS16949, DNV, ABS, CCS, etc
9) Package: Cartons; Wooden Pallets; Packing dimension would be according to the products dimension and quantity.
10)Machine parts (machining parts or machinery parts) and metalwork (metal products) are suitable to us also.  
11)Export Markets: ① Australia Stamping ; ② America, U.S.A. United States Stamping ;  ③Canada Stamping ;  ④ U.K. England, Britain Stamping ; ⑤ Germany Stamping ;  ⑥ France Stamping ;  ⑦ Italy Stamping⑧ Spain Espana Stamping ;  ⑨ Netherlands Stamping ⑩ South Africa Stamping ;  ⑪Danmark Stamping ; ⑫ Sweden Stamping ;  ⑬Finland Stamping ; ⑭ Russia Stamping ; ⑮Spain Stamping ; ⑯Saudi Arabia Stamping ; 
12) Supplier: China Ningbo Stamping Part factory;  China Ningbo Stamping Part company;  China Ningbo Stamping Part Co., Ltd;  China Ningbo Stamping Part inc; China Ningbo Stamping Part corporation;  China Ningbo Stamping Part Manufacturer; China Ningbo Stamping Part supplier;  China Ningbo Stamping Part part;  China Ningbo Stamping Part

As long as you require, we ensure the best quality for customers, ensure our strict quality assurance system will conduct throughout the entire production.

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