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Stainless Steel Linear Floor Drains with Grilles

Product name : Stainless Steel Linear Floor Drains with Grilles
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China Stainless Steel Sanitary Parts-Linear Floor Drains with Grilles

Product Description

China Stainless Steel Linear Floor Drains Manufacturer

Cutomized Stainless Steel Floor Drainage Supplier

China Stainless Steel Fabrication Welding Assembly Commercial Floor Grilles

High Quality Commercial and Residential Trench Drains 

Residential shower drains

Light to heavy-duty drains

Benefits of linear shower drain

Appearance – Linear drains have a sleek and slim appearance, a subtle eye-catcher that fits in a large variety of shower floors.

Maintenance – Linear drains offer easy maintenance and efficient water drainage. Who doesn’t love an easy-to-clean shower drain?

Flexibility – Linear drains can be placed almost anywhere in your barrier-free bathroom. Giving you the flexibility to create the perfect bathroom layout. 

Ningbo Precision Machinery can produce a full line of stainless steel drains and drain related products for any application, from roof drains to sanitary floor drains. We specialize in customized stainless steel drains and grilles for both residential and commercial over ten years.

All floor drains we are constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel and are manufactured by CNC machining and Welding.

We can fabricate almost any drain option you will need for your facility, and because all of our drains are made to order, there is no tooling for customization. We provide fast quotation within 24 hours if you could send us the drawing, 15 working days for samples. 

Below are more style grates for your option, we can also produce customized grate and cover as you drawings.


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