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Aluminum Investment Casting Parts

Product name : Aluminum Investment Casting Parts
Product ID : PRS-IVC
Product Tags : Investment Casting Parts   
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Aluminum Investment Casting Parts

Product Description

China Investment Casting parts's details:

Product Name & Usage: Aluminum Investment Casting Parts

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China
Lead Time:Approx.30days
Port of Loading: Ningbo, Shanghai, Zhoushan

1)Materials: Low Alloy Steel, Martensitic Stainless Steel, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Ferritic Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Copper Base Alloys, Nickel Base Alloys, Tool Steel, Cobalt Base Alloys, Gray Iron,  Ductile Iron, Aluminum etc. Customer's drawings are accepted
2)Main equipment: CNC Center, CNC Machines, Turning Machine, Drilling Machines, Milling Machines, Grinding Machine, etc.

3)Production Process: Produce Wax Patten (Injection Patten-Assembly Mold)-Mold Construction (Construct Shell-Remove Wax)-Casting (Fire Shell-Pour Metal)-Finishing (Water Blast/Shot Blast-Cut Off/Caustic-Grind Gates-Shot/Sand Blast)-Secondary's (Heat Treat-Sand Blast-Machine)
4)Surface treatment: Zinc plated, Ni-plated, passivate, Ti-plated, Anodize, Chrome plated, Electro plating, Black, Plain, Dacro, Sliver plated, Polish or according to your requirement
★Provides greater design flexibility;  
★Provides greater detail; Near net shape; 
★Greater alloy selection to enhance part performance; 
★Surface finishes 120 to 150 RMS; 
★Close tolerances ±.005 inch per inch;
★Results in weight reduction;
★Provides near net shape lowers material usage; 
★Reduce material costs; Reduces expensive machining operations;
★Eliminate expensive fabrications and weldments; 
★Low initial tooling costs; 
★Economic order quantities ranging from Prototype quantities to Long Production Runs
6)Software for specification drawings: PDF, Auto CAD, Solid work, JPG, ProE
7) Material & mechanical properties & heat treatment: according to your requirements.
All the materials are according to GB, JIS, ISO, ANSI, ASTM, BS, DIN, which can meet the ISO9001-2008 quality control and inspection
8) Certificates:  ISO9001, TS16949, DNV, ABS, CCS, etc
9) Package: Cartons; Wooden Pallets; Packing dimension would be according to the products dimension and quantity.
10)Machine parts (machining parts or machinery parts) and metalwork (metal products) are suitable to us also.  
11)Export Markets: ① Australia Investment Casting ; ② America, U.S.A. United States Investment Casting ;  ③Canada Investment Casting ;  ④ U.K. England, Britain Investment Casting ; ⑤ Germany Investment Casting ;  ⑥ France Investment Casting ;  ⑦ Italy Investment Casting⑧ Spain Espana Investment Casting ;  ⑨ Netherlands Investment Casting ⑩ South Africa Investment Casting ;  ⑪Danmark Investment Casting ; ⑫ Sweden Investment Casting ;  ⑬Finland Investment Casting ; ⑭ Russia Investment Casting ; ⑮Spain Investment Casting ; ⑯Saudi Arabia Investment Casting ; 
12) Supplier: China Ningbo Investment Casting Part factory;  China Ningbo Investment Casting Part company;  China Ningbo Investment Casting Part Co., Ltd;  China Ningbo Investment Casting Part inc; China Ningbo Investment Casting Part corporation;  China Ningbo Investment Casting Part Manufacturer; China Ningbo Investment Casting Part supplier;  China Ningbo Investment Casting Part part;  China Ningbo Investment Casting Part

As long as you require, we ensure the best quality for customers, ensure our strict quality assurance system will conduct throughout the entire production.

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